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Maureen Mahoney

Senior Policy Analyst, Consumer Reports

Maureen Mahoney is a Senior Policy Analyst at Consumer Reports. Her areas of focus include state data privacy, security, and data breach notification legislation; and state right to repair legislation. At Consumer Reports, she authored the study, California Consumer Privacy Act: Are Consumers' Digital Rights Protected?, and co-authored The State of Authorized Agent Opt-outs Under the California Consumer Privacy Act. She also co-authored CR’s Model State Privacy Act and Right to Repair Model State Law.

Let's Talk About Data Privacy
Jan. 19, 2022

Let's Talk About Data Privacy

In this episode, host Sean Harris sat down with OAJ's Director of Government Affairs, Brad Ingraham, and Senior Policy Analyst with Consumer Reports, Maureen Mahoney to discuss data privacy, how it is being legislated, and wh...

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