Nov. 9, 2022

Recap of Ohio's 2022 General Election

Recap of Ohio's 2022 General Election

Host Sean Harris sits down with OAJ Director of Government Affairs, Brad Ingraham, and attorney and OAJ member, Rick Topper, for a recap of the 2022 General Election.

Brad IngrahamProfile Photo

Brad Ingraham

Director of Government Affairs, OAJ

Brad Ingraham currently serves as the Director of Government Affairs for the Ohio Association for Justice. He leads the association’s advocacy and political efforts to protect our 7th amendment right to civil jury trials.

Brad has worked in and around the Ohio General Assembly for more than decade, including serving as a Legislative Liaison for the Ohio Department of Education. He is a father of two smart young children, and his wife, Melanie, is a dedicated Art teacher in central Ohio.

Richard D TopperProfile Photo

Richard D Topper

Esq., Author

Attorney and OAJ member Rick Topper has over thirty years experience representing and trying cases for persons who have been injured or the families of those killed due to the consequences of medical negligence and careless drivers. Rick is a past president of the Central Ohio Association for Justice and has authored two novels featuring trial lawyer protagonists.

Rick is deeply involved in Central Ohio politics and regularly testifies in the Ohio Legislature on issues impacting trial attorneys.