Nov. 16, 2021

Vaccine Mandates: A Roadmap

Vaccine Mandates: A Roadmap

In episode 74 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris and guests Ashlie Case Sletvold, managing partner with Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, and Chris Lalak, partner with Nilges Draher, discuss vaccine mandates and exceptions and look ahead to the future of vaccine mandate constitutionality.
Christopher J. LalakProfile Photo

Christopher J. Lalak

Partner, Nilges Draher LLC

Chris Lalak is an employment attorney who exclusively represents workers. More specifically, he focuses his practice on representing Ohio employees in workplace disputes such as disability discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment issues. He is a Partner with the Nilges Draher law firm in Cleveland.

Ashlie Case SletvoldProfile Photo

Ashlie Case Sletvold

Partner, Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise

Ashlie Case Sletvold is the managing partner of Peiffer Wolf in Cleveland. Ashlie represents people who have suffered serious emotional, physical, and financial har, including individuals with severe trauma resulting from sexual violence and other devastating experiences in civil-rights and constitutional cases, employment matters, and other complex civil disputes. She also presented on Title VII and Vaccine Mandates at OAJ’s Winter Convention.